Education Initiative

The South Texas region is a crossroads of great cultures and San Antonio’s cultural eclecticism is a repository of migrant people and
traditions. Here, the story of many people with a rich and complex heritage converge.
Social media creates timelines of our activities and milestones, but it does not memorialize the stories of our parents, grandparents and families for future generations. Conversely, our current generation of youth has more potential, and a greater capacity, than previous generations to utilize technology to capture and express this history through creative outlets. What is missing is the link between the families, the creative opportunity, and the vehicle to bring the story to the public.
Through our existing collaborations, CCSA is uniquely-positioned to partner with a diverse
group of San Antonio organizations to create a cross-platform project as outlined below.

CCSA, along with with our singers and a member of SOLI Chamber Ensemble,will create a series of in-school workshops for area students at the junior high and high school levels.Students will actively participate in the creation of new material that will accompany or stand as companion pieces to the original work as opposed to passively listening to or observing existing musical works.

Students will learn about the work, Ballads of the Borderland, and discern the path to capturing and creating their own family history and/or story through the creative outlet of their choice: musical works (choral, solo, instrumental, etc.),visual/language (poetry, photo montage, etc.), dance and theatre. Some examples of student-created projects could include:

● poetry or a series of poems depicting a timeline or event
● a dance, choreographed by a student set to music composed by another student
● a musical created by a team of students and produced by another team and more

Culminating Event
Works created as a result of this project will be performed and/or displayed alongside the Spring performance of Ballads of the Borderland.

Spring Performance | March 25, 2018